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" I don't know if I've
written you before to tell
you what incredible work
you have done but every
time I go to the site, I am
amazed all over again at
your effort.  I have the
book which you have
indexed and people email
all the time asking me to
look for an ancestor, I
used to have to comb
slowly through a county's
pages to look for the
name.  It was a long
process!  Now I
reference your site and
know immediately if they
are in the book and on
what pages.  It's
AWESOME!  Nice Job!"

"I'm the youth librarian
for some lovely kids in
California.  I just wanted
to take the time to send
you a quick thank you
note on behalf of my
library class and myself
for providing the
resources on your web
page.  We've started a
young genealogists
program here at the
library, and had found
your page to be a great
reference for the kids,
and wanted to extend our
thanks for your help."
Greetings and Welcome!

I love genealogy!  I have been working on my family history for many years.  I
have spent countless hours reading those big old county histories only to be
disappointed that my ancestors were not mentioned.  I quickly discovered the
value of an Every Name Index and the lack of free indexes available so I began
compiling my own.  This website was created to share my Every Name Indexes to
help others save valuable research time.

Free online genealogy resources and the help of many wonderful individuals,
librarians, genealogy and historical society volunteers have been invaluable in
helping me document my family tree.  This website is my way of paying their
generosity forward.  I hope you find something here to help you in your
research.  Happy Hunting!        
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