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I found my ancestor's name in the index.  Now what?

More information on entries listed in an index can be found in the corresponding book the index was compiled from.  
Each index page contains a link to the original text online if it is available.  Those links are listed under the
alphabetical index.  If you find your ancestor's name, look for the link to do your own look-up.  If you have come to
this page it appears there is currently no source for the original text online.   Please read below for ideas to locate a
copy of the original text.

If the original text is not available online, how do I locate a copy of it?

INTER-LIBRARY LOAN  Browse your local library catalog or use the inter-library loan system to try and locate a copy
of the original text.  Some of these books may be out of print but a few libraries usually offer them by inter-library
loan.  You may also consult the online
WorldCat Catalog which connects you to the collections and services of more
than 10,000 libraries worldwide.

SEARCH FOR ONLINE SCANS  You may wish to do an online search for scans of the original text pages that may
have been uploaded to websites such as
Google Books.

REQUEST A LOOK-UP FROM A GENEALOGY VOLUNTEER   Make a request of online genealogy look-up
volunteers which are often located on
GenWeb pages, members of Facebook genealogy groups, or contact county
historical society websites.

FAMILY HISTORY CENTERS   Contact the LDS Family History Library to see if a copy of the original text is available
to you on microfilm.  

Can you do a look-up for me?

All original texts used for indexing are borrowed from university libraries or have been obtained through the
inter-library loan system.  Once the indexes are completed, the original texts are returned to the lender.  Therefore, I
cannot do a look-up for you.

Good luck and Happy Hunting!
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