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About Every Name Indexes

My Every Name Indexes are compiled specifically with the genealogist in mind. They are cross referenced in a way
to make it as easy as possible to find the slightest mention of your ancestor.  Any transcription may be subject to
error, but I have made every effort to provide information that is accurate and complete.  

How the indexes are compiled

To assist the researcher in finding even the smallest reference to an individual, family, or surname, each index is
compiled in the following manner:

1.  Every person named in the original text is listed by last name, first name, middle initial, and page number in the
index.  Identical names mentioned on more than one page are combined into one entry.

Adams, Alice, 829
Adams, Andrew, 718, 721

2.  Every name is spelled in the index as it was spelled within the original text.  Be sure to check all possible spelling

Abat, Everet, 496
Abbot, Everett L., 628
Abbott, Everet L., 376

3.  Women mentioned in the original text by their maiden name will be listed in the index in several ways to make it
easier to find a female ancestor.

Ackley, Mrs. Martha E. (Colveyhouse), 925
Ackley, Martha E., 925
Colveyhouse, Martha E., 925

Aiken, Mrs. Emma Sprague, 369
Aiken, Emma Sprague, 369
Sprague, Emma, 369

4.  Persons designated in the original text with titles will be listed in the index in several ways.

Alerding, Right Rev. Herman Joseph, 418
Alerding, Herman Joseph, 418

Andrews, Mrs. Mary, 710
Andrews, Mary, 710        

Johnston, Lieut. Col. Joseph, 833
Johnston, Joseph, 833
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